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The Bureau is providing contract services for molecular identification and DNA fingerprinting services to the entrepreneurs/individuals for the microbial strains registered and to be registered as biopesticides. This identification service helps Central Insecticide Board in authentication of the product for farmers and is significantly cutting the time taken for registration of biopesticides by the CIB&RC. Till now, the Bureau has identified and developed DNA fingerprints for about 500 strains. The rates for the services are:

S. No.DescriptionUnit Price
1.Partial sequencing of desired gene (Mandatory)Rs. 5000/ per gene per sample
i.16S rRNa gene (Bacteria, Actinomycetes)
ii.House Keeping genes ( rpoB , gyrB)
iii.B-tubulin gene
iiv.Any specific gene for the strain
2.DNA fingerprint (Mandatory)Rs. 3000/-
i.Restriction analysis of ampified 16s rRNa or any other specific gene
ii.RAPD Profile
iii.PCR with repetive primers

Revised Microbial Germplasm Registration Guidelines

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