A comprehensive web based system for agriculturally important microbes namely www.microveda.org.in  is an  unique database having information on the collection of microbes important to agriculture and allied sectors in India, their geo location, characteristics and importance, etc. Also the database attempts to incorporate the Location based searching; MIicrobialDAtabase Search (MIDAS); Knowledge models of microorganisms and trait wise listing of elite microbes at NAIMCC. The database was released by Dr.A.N. Mukhopadhyay, Chairman RAC on 15th February, 2019 during RAC meeting.   

Key highlights of the database is

  • Unique database defining geo-locations of isolated Agriculturally Important Microorganisms (AIM) strains
  • Comprehensive information about AIM w.r.t. characteristics and importance
  • Knowledge models and Microbial Database Search (MIDAS) giving concise  information
  • Trait wise listing of elite microbes at NAIMCC

The information available in the database will be useful to the researchers, students and academia pertinent to their research related to agricultural microbiology covering important aspects like taxonomy, ecology and their importance in agriculture and especially on the availability of specific microbe from particular location.  

  • microveda
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