Citizen Charter

Main Services / Transactions

serial numberService transactionResponsible person with designationE-mailMobile number and landline phoneprocessRequired documentsThe feeSuccess indicatorService standardUnit

1Amplification for conservation of genetic resourcesDr. S.K. Sharma , Principal Scientist andCharge amplification collectionnbaimicar@gmail.com094737258110547-2530156Through applicationAmplification plus Form / Charter data form**Acknowledgment15day
Verification of amplification feasibility6Month
Specify accession number8Month
2Registration of microorganismsThe and Amplificationguidelines**Receipt of request / proposal evaluation1Month
Expert Committee second evaluation , if necessary6Month
Germplasm Resource Registration Committee8Month
Communication to inform depositor of decision12Month
3Amplification repository managementDr. S.K. Sharma , Principal Scientist andCharge amplification and database of records related to microbial amplification collectionThe researchPrivate / Industry400 / -5000 / –Validation of amplification viability through revival12Month
Long-term preservation of valid amplifications2Month
Updating and database of records related to microbial amplification collection3Month
Supply of amplifiers for research purpose1Month
4Human Resource DevelopmentThe directornbaimicar@gmail.com0547-2530158Training for researchers / scientists / SRF / JRF in the field of microbial (microbial) diversity , system and purpose use**Communication of acceptance of participation after the last date of advertisement10day
Research personnel trained80Number

Criteria / guidelines – guidelines / regulations of the

Grievance Redress Mechanism

serial numberName of Public Grievance OfficerHelpline numbermobile numberE-mail
1.Mr. SN YadavAssistant Administrative Officer and Administrative Officer (Incharge)
2.Dr. Hilol ChakdarAssistant finance account officer (in charge)

Citizen charter

Main Services / Transactions

S.No.Service (s) Transaction (s)Responsible Person along with DesignationEmailMobile no. and Landline PhoneProcessDocument (s) RequiredFeesSuccess Indicator (s)Service StandardsUnit

1Submission and conservation of genetic resourcesDr. SK Sharma, Principal Scientist &Incharge Culture Collectionnbaimicar@gmail.com094737258110547-2530156Through applicationProforma / passport data form along with the culture**Acknowledgment of culture receipt15Days
Validation of culture viability6Months
Assigning accession numbers8Months
2Registration of and culture (s)Guidelines**Receipt of request / proposal evaluation1Months
Second evaluation by expert committee, if necessary6Months
Germplasm resource registration committee8Months
Communication to the depositor regarding decision12Months
3Culture repository managementDr. SK Sharma, Principal Scientist & Incharge Culture of records and database pertaining to microbial culture collectionResearchPrivate / industry400 / -5000 / –Validation of culture viability by revival12Months
Long term preservation of validated cultures2Months
Updation of records and database pertaining to microbial culture collection3Months
Supply of cultures for research purpose1Months
4Human resource developmentDirectornbaimicar@gmail.com0547-2530158Impart training for researchers / scientists / SRF / JRF in the area of ​​microbial diversity, systematics and utilization of AIMs**Communication of acceptance of participation after last date of advertisement10Days
Research personnel trained80Number

As per the norms / guidelines / rules

Grievance Redress Mechanism

S.No.Name of the Public Grievance OfficerHelpline numberMobile numberEmail
1.Sri. SNYadavAAO & AO (I / C)
2.Dr. Hillol chakdarAF&AO (I / C)
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