HPC(High Performance Computing Facility )

ASTHA ( Advanced Supercomputing Technology Hub for Agriculture  )

A supercomputing environment was developed for high performance computing in field of agricultural bioinformatics and computational biology under NAIP funded project Ëstablishment of National Agriculture Bioinformatic Grid (NABG) in ICAR”. The supercomputing hub consists of hybrid architechture of high performance computing with 256node Linux cluster with two masters with 3072 cores and 38 Tera flops computing power at IASRI, New Delhi alongwith 1 node Linux cluster and one master with 40 TB storage at ICAR-NBAIM, Mau and other Bureaux.

The supercomputing facility at ICAR-NBAIM namely ASTHA ( Advanced Supercomputing Technology Hub for Agriculture  ) was inaugrated by the then honable DDG (CS), Dr Swapan K Datta on 27.12.2014. A number of computational biology and bioinformatics softwares, workflows and pipelines along with National Biological Computing Portal are being deleoped to provide seamless access of Biological Computing resources for Biological researchers across the country.

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