Out Reach Program

Many outreach programs under various projects are being carried out at the ICAR-NBAIM, the details are as follows-

S.No. Name of program/project Venue; Village/District Beneficiaries
(farmers/ women)
1. Equipping farmers with microbial bioconversion technologies for rural livelihood security through low-cost farm input production/ RKVY At Sharoj village, Mau for farmers of Sahroj, Bhelabanda, Fatehpur, Kopaganj, Khukhuandawa, Balkishunpur, Jahaniapur, Deokali villages on 7/10/17 106 Proliferated on-farm rapid composting technology and microbial biofortification practices among the farmers
At Pipprideh (Tajpur), Mau district for farmers from Tajpur, Piprideeh, Usmanpur, Patila, Machkhan villages on 11/10/17 108
At Kvk Azamgarh for farmers of Kotwan, Palhani, Jharia, Dhannisarai, Ratnaway, Bibiganj, Alipur, Ahirauli, Miriya, Lalpur, Deokhari, Barsipur Villages, on 24/10/17 116
At Conference Hall of Jahanaganj Block for farmers of Sema, Parasi, Godhara, Jahanaganj, Phoolpur, Dhanhua, Badlapur, Kunji dulhipur, Chakdoha, Usari Villages, Jahanaganj block, Azamgarh on 27/2/18 122
2. Scale-up, fortification and dissemination of microbial agrowaste bioconversion technology for empowering rural weaker sections/ DST SCSP project Suharbojh, Pipri, Mau; 24.10.2019 125 Promotion of bioconversion technology for agrowaste and microbial fortification
KVK Azamgarh for farmers of Rajepr, Lalganj, Jahanaganj, Dhekwan, Behara, etc; 25.10.2019 125
Bhar village, Mau; 07.11.2019 125
Haldhrpur, Mau; 26.11.2019 120
KVK, Azamgarh for farmers of Amaorah, Rani ki Sarai, Jaitipur, Pasika, Bamspur, etc; 29.11.2019 125
3. Promotion of microbe-mediated practices farm-centric approaches to improve soil and plant health and generate livelihood for farmers in Mau/ DST SSTP Tajpur Patila Village, Mau on 1.12.2018 100 Use of microbial inoculants for improving soil health and plant growth promotion
Harpur Village, Mau on 3.12.2018 110
Karhann, Mau on 28.1.2019 115
At ICAR-NBAIM for farmers of Kushmaur, Pijada, Harpur villages on 13.3.2019 72
At ICAR-NBAIM for farmers of Alipur , Onhaich, Khanraipur villages on 15.3.2019 141
4. Establishment of Biotech-KISAN Hub at ICAR-National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms,/ DBT At ICAR- NBAIM for farmers of Sadat, Ghosi, Chorpa Khurd, Baragaon, Bela Sultanpur, Kushmaur; 14.11.19 to 18.11.19 (5 days) 28 Soil testing, composting technology and use of microbial inoculants in farming
Establishment of composting units in farmers field (each unit comprising 5 bioconversion units with capacity to produce 0.8 to 1.0 tons per cycle of compost production within 60 days) 36 36 units established at 36 farmers field in covering about dozen villages of Mau district
10-20 farmers per unit establishment have been trained 450 Training on the rapid composting technology
5. DST Women Scientist B Scheme by Dr Ratna Prabha on ग्रामीण महिलाओं/युवाओं में सूक्ष्मजीव आधारित तकनीकिओं के प्रसार से कौशल विकास At ICAR-NBAIM for farmers of Kushmaur, Pijada, Harpur villages on 13.3.2019 52
At ICAR-NBAIM for farmers of Alipur , Onhaich, Khanraipur villages on 15.3.2019 55
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