Agriculture Knowledge Management Unit (AKMU):

The Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit (AKMU) was renamed as from ARIS to AKMU as per ICAR guidelines. Access to many national and international journals through Consortium of e-resources in Agriculture (CERA) is being maintained which was initially for users of library facility at ICAR-NBAIM and is now extended to all official desktops through 100 mbps internet facility by National Knowledge Project (NKN) through LAN as well as Wi-Fi. The internet connection is also extended to guest house and transit house as well.

AKMU houses Training and Video conferencing facility inaugurated by honable DDG (CS), Dr Swapan K Datta on 27.12.2014. The facility is equipped with video conferencing unit, multimedia projector, computers, laser printer, online UPS, well connected with high speed internet through LAN as well as wifi and sitting arrangement for at least 25 persons. Routine lectures especially based on bioinformatics requiring computer facilities are being conducted at AKMU under various National Training Programs by Bureau.

Besides this following ICT initiatives have been taken up by the Unit and are being maintained:

  1. MGR portal: Microbial genetic resource portal of ICAR-NBAIM (www.mgrportal. org.in) was developed and maintained by AKMU cell of ICAR-NBAIM contains information on agriculturally important microbes conserved in National Agriculturally Important Microbial Culture Collection (NAIMCC) housed at ICAR-National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms (NBAIM) and also has important links to access ICAR, different Bureaux of ICAR, different culture collections of world, PGR and AGR portals, etc.
  2. Mobile Apps : Two Mobile Apps developed and released during Krishi Unnati mela 2017 organised by ICAR-IARI by the then Honorable Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Shri Radha Mohan Singh on 15 March 2017. Both the Apps can be downloaded from www.mgrportal. org.in site as well as play store.
    1. imageMicrobial Genetic Resource App: An android based mobile app of MGRportal has also been developed which has search options for general search of microbial accessions by accession number or by name in NAIMCC database; list of microbial accessions in core collection developed based on agriculturally important traits; procurement of microbial cultures from NAIMCC and opinion for query related to microbial germplasm at ICAR-NBAIM, Mau, U.P.

    2. Micromitra App:Another android based bilingual mobile app Micromitra has also been developed which is an initiative of ICAR-NBAIM for farmers. It enlists various microbe based technologies developed at ICAR-NBAIM, Mau, U.P. and gives details on about, crops benefited, advantages, application, dosage, precautions and cost of each technology.
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Agriculture Knowledge Management Committee:

1.Dr Renu,
Principal Scientist
2.Dr. Samadhan Y Bagul,
3.Mr Anchal Kumar Srivastava,
Sr. Technical Asst.
4.4. Mr. Siddharth Arora,
Junior Stenographer