The Bureau has state-of-the-art research laboratories such as central instrumentation facility, bacterial and fungal laboratory, molecular biology lab, microbial genomics unit, culture collection facility (NAIMCC), lyophilization unit, microbial genome resource repository (MGRR). In addition, Bureau has administration block, library, conference hall and mini-conference rooms with audio-visual equipments and agricultural research information service (ARIS) cell, IPR and bio-safety cell. The objectives of Microbial Genomic Resource Repository (MGRR) is to (i)   collect and conserve microorganisms on long term basis, and maintain the genomic resources like microbial DNA, clones, novel gene constructs, vectors, etc  (ii)  enable researchers by providing  these genetic materials  working in the field of molecular biology and microbial genomics  (iii)  maintaining the genes responsible for nitrogen fixation, nitrogen assimilation, root nodulation, bioremediation, phosphate solubilization, disease resistance, salt tolerance   and biocontrol. (iv) develop guidelines for submission and distribution of the genetic resources under appropriate material transfer agreement (MTA). The campus and laboratories are put under strict vigilance of the electronic surveillance system. To ensure regular water and electricity supply, tubewells and power generators have been installed within the campus. Furthermore, 24 hrs electricity supply has  has been ensured with  the installation of  new high-power DG sets to maintain  controlled working environment in the laboratories and to run supercomputer for the purpose of maintaining agricultural bioinformatic data. The administrative, finance and Director’s personal section  are equipped with all modern equipments like computers with internet facility, printers, photocopier machines, colour xerox machines, lamination machine, fax machine, etc.

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