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High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Make                           : Waters, USA

Model                         : Waters 2996 with 515 reciprocating pump and system controller

Specification              : BinaryHPLC System with PDA detector

Working Principle      : Chromatography is basically a separation technique being used for                                  separating complex mixture of compounds into their individual                                          components based on the physical and chemical properties.                                            Separation of compounds essentially requires a Mobile (solvent) and                            Stationary phase (immobile material). The mixture of analytes                                         travels across the Stationary phase with mobile phase and based                                                 upon the polarity, charges, molecular weight and functional groups,                                  get separated from the mixture. HPLC is a high resolution                                                   chromatographic method which involves the Stationary phase of very                               small particle size (~5µm) which does not allow mobile phase                                          containing analytes to pass through without high pressure. Under                                               given conditions, the analysis remains efficient, reliable and                                      reproducible for most of the compounds therefore, the instrument is                           inevitable for the qualitative and quantitative targeted metabolite                                     characterization and profiling in plants, microbes and other                                                biological samples. Photodiode array detector attached with the                                        system projects 3-D absorption over UV-VIS range and therefore,                                       improves accuracy and efficiency of detection. 

Major Features           : Dual pump HPLC coupled with PDA detectorcoupled with C-8, C-18,                                Amino columns and EMPOWER software for data generation, suitable                               for isocratic and gradient analysis of plant and microbial samples for                              secondary metabolic profiling, qualitative characterization of                                                compounds and quantitative analysis of targeted metabolites.

Applications               : Qualitative metabolite profiling, Quantitative analysis of compounds                               of interest, Impurity check, Metabolites of herbal and food products,                                 Pharmacokinetics applications, Plant and microbial                                                             metabolite studies    

Prior requirements    : Nature of the samples, information about the running conditions,                                    source of compound and mixture, chemical standards, UV spectra of                                 the metabolite or mixture (200-700 nm)     

Charges (INR)              :

S. No. Operating Conditions Charges (Rs.)
Academic users Industry users
1. Isocratic run for single compound or mixture (< 20 min) 400 600
2. Isocratic run for metabolite/mixture (<20 min) 600 800
3. Gradient run for metabolite mixture (<30 min) 800 1000
4. Gradient run for metabolite mix (>30 min) 1200 1500

Terms & conditions   : It is advisable to discuss about the samples and separation                                               conditions prior to proceed for submission of samples for analysis.                                    Loss or degradation of samples during transportation shall not be the                                responsibility of ICAR-NBAIM.     

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