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  • ICAR- NBAIM has strong linkages with national institutes, agricultural and conventional universities, other Government. and Non-Government. organization etc. The NBAIM is strengthening the “Indian Microbial Genetic Resources Management System” by making up the National base for collection and deposition of AIMs meant for long term storage and evaluation.
  • ICAR-NBAIM has entered in MoU with ICAR-DMR, Solan and designated it as a node of ICAR-NBAIM repository for mushroom cultures and has developed linkage with mushroom production unit of RPCAU, Pusa Bihar for popularization and skill development in mushroom cultivation by the tribal and other communities.
  • The Bureau has strong linkages with ICAR- Directorate of Maize Research and ICAR- Directorate of Groundnut Research, Junagadh for validation and popularization of microbe based technologies developed by the Bureau viz: Bio NPK, Bio Phos, Bio Phos+, Biogrow etc.
  • The Bureau has established strong linkages with SKUAST, Jammu; SHUATS, Allahabad; Integral University, Lucknow; CSJM, Kanpur; IFTM, Moradabad, UAS Bengaluru; HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar; Amity University, Noida, and Amity University, Lucknow through MoU for the training of students and Ph.D. programme.
  • The Bureau has developed linkages with KVKs (Mau, Azamgarh, Varanasi and Chandauli for popularization of technologies developed by the Bureau among farmers.
  • The Bureau has linkages with the industry through contract research prgramme under professional service function component of the Bureau. Till know contract research has been carried out for M/S UPL Ltd, M/S T-Stanes Ltd. and M/S Chris Hansen Ltd.
  • The Bureau is presently linking with different small and private organizations along with individual collector of AIMs and persuading them to deposit their collection at NBAIM.

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