Swatch Bharat Abhiyan

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

The ICAR-NBAIM, Mau is regularly taking up activities under Swachh Bharat Mission. Besides, devoting  one hour towards cleaning the campus and office premises per week, the Bureau has taken  up various activities under the mission and interact with people in their villages to create awareness on importance of cleanliness and the surroundings clean. Dustbins have been procured  for  office and colony for segregating the biodegradable and non –biodegradable material. The biodegradable waste material is being composted.  Various activities as per directions are also being taken up during Swachhta Pakhwaras which are being observed from time to time.

  • quarters
  • quarters
  • quarters
  • Implementation of ICAR- ERP
  • introduction of cashless transaction,
  • Gradual reduction in the use of paper and communication of circulars through email only
  • Regular cleaning of office premises
  • Maintenance of existing toilet facilities
  • Modification of toilet for differently abled persons
  • Regular cleaning of campus by removal of weeds growing along the roads and other areas
  • Procurement of dustbins for office and colony for segregating the biodegradable and non –biodegradable material and their proper disposal
  • Construction of compositing pits for composting household/office waste and biomass
  • Organization of awareness campaigns in the surrounding villages and schools
  • One day awareness workshop on cleanliness and waste management to be conducted
  • Swachhta pledges to be administered to the staff on quarterly basis and devotion of 100 hours annually by each staff member for Swachhta Bharat Abhiyan
  • Swachhta pledge and cleanliness related boards to be put in office premises
  • The photographs of Swachhta related activities to be uploaded on Bureau,s website
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