Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Instrument details

Model : Hitachi S-3400N
SEI Resolution : 3.0nm (30kV, in high vacuum) 10nm (3kV, in high vacuum)
BSEI Resolution : 4.0nm (3kV, in low vacuum)
Magnification : 5x to 300,000x
Accelerating Voltage : 300V to 30kV
  Working Principle SEM is a microscope which uses an electron beam to produce the surface image of the object with high magnification obtained by electromagnetic fields. The Hitachi 3400N VP-SEM is a Scanning Electron Microscope with tungsten filament allowing accelerating voltages up to 30kV. It is equipped with both Secondary (SE) and Backscatter (BSE) Electron Detectors and has a fully eccentric 5 axis motorized stage that allows samples up to 5cm in diameter. The Variable Pressure mode allows BSE observation from 6- 270Pa.

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