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Dr. Hillol Chakdar


Professional Experience: 4 YEARS 10 MONTHS (as on 1st May, 2017) as ScientistResearch Interest: Plant-Microbe Interaction, Microbial DiversityContact Details: E-mail:;

Significant recognition (Awards/Fellowships/ Technologies transferred/ Patents etc.):Awards/Fellowships:

1. CICS Travel Fellowship in 2016

2. International Travel Support from Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India in 2014

3. IARI Merit Medal (Gold medal) in Ph.D. in 2013

4. IARI Merit Medal (Gold medal) in M.Sc. in 2010

5. DST-INSPIRE Fellowship in 2010;

6. CSIR-UGC Junior Research Fellowship in 2008

7. ICAR-Junior Research Fellowship in 2007


1. “PROCESS FOR OBTAINING HIGH PURITY PHYCOCYANIN FROM CYANOBACTERIA” (Inventors: S. Pabbi, H Chakdar and R Kumar, Applicant: ICAR) has been filed. Patent application No. 3981/DEL/2014.

2. “A METHOD OF HIGH THROUGHPUT FUNGAL DNA TEMPLATE PREPARATION AND USES THEREOF” (Inventors: H Chakdar, PL Kashyap, AK Srivastava & P Saxena, Applicant: ICAR) has been filed. Patent Application No. 1170/DEL/2015.

3. “A METHOD OF DETECTION OF ALTERNARIA SPP. AND USES THEREOF” (Inventors: PL Kashyap, H Chakdar, AK Srivastava & S Rai, Applicant: ICAR) has been filed. Patent Application No. 1287/DEL/2015

Membership of Societies: NIL

On-going projects:

1. Development of gene chip for major fungal plant pathogens (AMAAS)

2. Microbial Genomic Resource Repository (AMAAS)

3. Biofortification of Wheat and Maize with Zinc and Iron Using Endophytic Microorganisms (National Agricultural Science Fund)

Publications (no.)

· Research papers: 10 · Reviews: 03 · Books: NIL · Book Chapters: 07

· Popular articles: 02 · Others

List of publications (Best 10 publications) :

1. H. Chakdar, Kumar, M., Pandiyan, K., Singh, A., Nanjappan, K., Kashyap, P.L., Srivastava, A.K. (2016). Bacterial Xylanases: Biology to Biotechnology. 3 Biotech, 6: 150.

2. AK Yadav, S Manna, K Pandiyan, A Singh, M Kumar, H Chakdar, PL Kashyap and AK Srivastva. (2016). Isolation and characterization of biosurfactant producing Bacillus sp. from diesel fuel-contaminated site. Microbiology, 85: 56-62

3. Sharma, A, P Singh, S Kumar, PL Kashyap, AK Srivastava, H Chakdar, RN Singh, R Kaushik, AK Saxena, and AK Sharma. (2015). Deciphering diversity of salt-tolerant bacilli from saline soils of eastern Indo-gangetic plains of India. Geomicrobiology Journal 32:170-180.

4. PL Kashyap, A Rai, R Singh, H Chakdar, S Kumar, AK Srivastava. (2015). Deciphering the salinity adaptation mechanism in Penicilliopsis clavariiformis AP, a rare salt tolerant fungus from mangrove. Journal of Basic Microbiology. DOI: 10.1002/jobm.201500552

5. P Rai, A Sharma, P Saxena, AP Soni, PL Kashyap, H Chakdar, AK Srivastava, AK Sharma. (2015). Comparison of molecular and phenetic typing methods to assess diversity of selected members of the genus BacillusMicrobiology, 84: 265-275.

6. H Chakdar, S. Saha and S. Pabbi. (2014). Chromatographic and spectroscopic characterization of phycocyanin and its subunits from Anabaena variabilis (CCC421). Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology. 50(1): 62-68

7. A K Srivastava, P Singh, R K Singh, P L Kashyap, H Chakdar, S Kumar, A K Sharma. (2014). Identification and characterization of ethanol utilizing fungal flora of oil refinery contaminated soil. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. 30(2): 705-714

8. H Chakdar, S. D. Jadhav, D. W. Dhar and S. Pabbi. (2012). Potential applications of Blue Green Algae. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 71(1): 13-20.

9. H Chakdar and S. Pabbi. (2012). Morphological characterization and molecular fingerprinting of Nostoc strains by multiplex RAPD. Microbiology 81(6): 768-778

10. H. Chakdar and S. Pabbi. (2012). Extraction and purification of Phycoerythrin from Anabaena variabilis (CCC421). Phykos, 42(1):25-31

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