Posted On: Saturday, December 3, 2016

National Training Programme On “Molecular Techniques To Assess Microbial Community Structure And Identification”

National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms (NBAIM), is organizing a National Training Programme on “Molecular Techniques to Assess Microbial Community Structure and Identification” from 02nd January - 9th January 2017. Objectives of the training are: To provide hands on research experience and training on sequencing based molecular tools for microbial community analysis and identification To provide exposure to students/research scholars for cutting edge research and better understanding of various techniques involved in molecular microbiology research The training will be focused on: Methods and guidelines for molecular identification of microorganisms Microbial community analysis through metagenomic approaches Bioinformatics-driven microbial identification system The training programme includes both lectures and practical on the above theme areas. Several resource experts from different parts of the country will address the participants. The programme will consist of hands-on research experience, training and exposure to cutting edge research, acceptable scientific methodologies and techniques for molecular microbial community analysis and identification. Number of participants: Limited to 20 Eligibilty: students/ researchers/scholars/Technicians/Faculty members/ scientists/ from ICAR/SAU/Universities/other Institutions/Private Industry Training Fee: Rs. 2500 per trainee for students/scientists/ researchers/scholars from ICAR/SAU/Universities/other Institutions. Rs. 10000 per trainee for personnel from private Industry. Accommodation: Accommodation shall be provided in NBAIM Guesthouse/transit on sharing basis The detailed leaflet showing the programme of the training is attached. The nominations should reach to: Director ICAR- National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms Kushmaur, Mau, Uttar Pradesh 275101. Tel No. (0547) 2530080, FAX No. (0547) 2530381 E-mail- The last date for the receipt of the nomination by post/ E-mail/ FAX is December 18, 2016. Downloads

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