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Mr. Surinder Paul

Designation: Scientist (Agricultural Biotechnology)Professional Experience: From July, 2018 onwards

Research Interest:

Application of ‘OMICS’ Approaches to Understand The Molecular Biology of Stress Tolerance in Microbes and Its Utilization in Crop Improvement Programme

Understanding Molecular Mechanism of Plant- Microbe Interaction and its Implications in Crop Improvement using Modern Biotechnology Tools

Contact Details:


Scientist (Agricultural Biotechnology)

ICAR, National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms (NBAIM)

Kushmaur,Mau Nath Bhanjan-275103. Uttar Pradesh. India

Mobile: 7015819959; 9467514267


Significant recognition (Awards/Fellowships/ Technologies transferred/ Patents etc.): FELLOWSHIPS/ AWARDS:DBT-JRF in first category AICMR-JRF- first category ACSIR-UGC NETARS-NET in AGRICULTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGYGATE-BIOTECHNOLOGYOverall FIRST position in ZOOLOGY in HPU in B.Sc.Overall SECOND position in BIOTECHNOLOGY HPU in B.Sc.Certificate of merit awarded in 10+2 by HPBSE, Dharamshala.Certificate of merit awarded in Matriculation by the HPBSE, Dharamshala.

Research Experience:·         
1.“Transcriptomic Study of Wheat under Heat Stress and Elucidation of Heat Tolerance Mechanism and its Contributors viz. Key Genes, Transcription Factors”.

2.Tomato 14-3-3 Protein: Signaling Components of Plant Immunity and Targets of Bacterial Virulence Determinants at Tel Aviv University -Tel Aviv. Israel.

3. RNA Interference (RNAi) Mediated Silencing of Fungal Pathogenicity Gene(s) As a Strategy for Diseases Management in Tomato at CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology-Palampur.India. (As SRF)

4.Indo-Australian Project on“Mining Alleles for Heat Tolerance in Australian and Indian Environment in Wheat” at ICAR,Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research-Karnal.(HR).INDIA.) (As SRF)·

5.Training on ‘Phenotyping for Drought Stress in Wheat’ at ICAR, Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research-Karnal.

6.Training in ‘Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biotechnology Techniques’ from ICAR, Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research-Karnal. 

Attended Two National level workshops and one national symposium. 
Membership of Societies:
On-going projects:
Publications (no.)
Research papers: 04· Book chapters:01

List of selected publications:

  1. Singh, R., Iquebal, M.A., Mishra, C.N., Jaiswal, S., Kumar, D., Raghav, N., Paul, S., Sheoran, S., Sharma, P., Gupta, A. and Tiwari, V., 2019. Development of model web-server for crop variety identification using throughput SNP genotyping data. Scientific reports9(1): 5122.  (Impact Factor: 4.122; NAAS Rating: 10.12).
  2. Sheoran, S., Jaiswal, S., Kumar, D., Raghav, N., Sharma, R., Pawar, S., Paul, S., Iquebal, M.A., RAI, A., Kumar, D. and Tiwari, R., 2019. Uncovering genomic regions associated with 36 agro-morphological traits in Indian spring wheat using GWAS. Frontiers in Plant Science, 10, p.527. (Impact Factor: 3.677; NAAS Rating: 9.68)
  3. Shanmugam V, Thakur H, Paul S, Bhadwal P, Mahajan S and Mondal KK (2016) First report of collar rot caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa on calla lily (Zantedeschia elliottianaPhytopathologia Mediterranea55(3): 427−431. DOI: 10.14601/Phytopathol_Mediterr-18129.            (Impact Factor: 1.255; NAAS Rating: 7.04)
  4.  Panwar V, Aggarwal A, Paul S, Kumar J and Saharan MS (2016) Distribution dynamics of Fusarium spp. causing Fusarium head blight (FHB) in wheat at different geographical locations in India. South Asian J Exp Biol 6 (5): 167-177.          (NAAS Rating: 4.79)
  5. Panwar V, Aggarwal A, Paul S, Singh V, Singh PK,  Sharma D and Saharan MS (2016) Effect of temperature and pH on the growth of Fusarium spp. causing Fusarium head blight (FHB) in wheat. South Asian J Exp Biol  6 (5): 186-193. (NAAS Rating: 4.79)


  1. Chawla P, Bhandari L, Dhull SB, Sadh PK, Sandhu SP, Kaushik R and Navnidhi (2017) Plant Biotechnology: Recent Advancement and Developments Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. Chapter 5 page 87-100. ISBN 978-981-10-4731-2 ISBN(e Book)  978-981-10-4732-9 DOI 10.1007/978-981-10-4732-9_5


  1. Paul S, Sadh PK, Kumar S, Chawla P, Duhan JS and Tiwari R (2017). RNA Interference: A biotechnological Tool for Phytopathogens Management. International Conference on “Microbes for Health and Wealth” 
  2. Paul S, Rulyan S, Sharma R, Duhan JS and Tiwari R (2017). SSR Marker Based Screening for Heat Tolerant Genotypes Among Cultivated Indian Wheat Varieties. National Conference on Recent Trends and Advances in Environmental Issues, Awareness and Health, PP 103.
  3. Sadh PK, Kumar S, Paul S, Duhan JS (2017). Peanut Press Cake…………………………… International Conference on “Microbes for Health and Wealth” 
  4. Sethi K, Joon V, Ravinder, Paul S, Rupam, Verma SK and Siwach P (2011). Genetic Diversity among Important Cultivars of Gossypium arboreum L., The Indigenous Species of India, Using Microsatellite Markers. First World Congress for Man and Nature: Global Climatic Change and Biodiversity Conservation, Page 408.
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