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Mr. Jyoti Prakash Singh

Name:Mr. Jyoti Prakash Singh
Designation: Scientist, Plant Biochemistry
Date of Birth: 13th May, 1989
Professional Experience: From 7th Janurary 2020
Research Interest:
  1. Biotechnological Approaches towards developing abiotic stress in plants
  2. Biochemical Characterization of Plants
  3. Genetic Engineering

Contact Details:  E-mail:,

Significant recognition (Awards/Fellowships/ Technologies transferred/ Patents etc.):

  1. Qualified ICAR-JRF with AIR-14 in ICAR- AIEEA 2013.
  2. Secured 1st rank in the ICAR-SRF Examination in crop science (Plant Biochemistry) in the year 2015
  3. Qualified ICAR-NET-2015 in the discipline of Plant Biochemistry

On-going projects: Nil

Publications (no.): 7

· Research papers: 6

· Popular articles: 1

List of publications (Best 10 publications):

  1. Goswami, S., Kumar, R.R., Dubey, K., Singh, J.P. Tiwari, S., Kumar, A., Smita, S., Mishra, D.C., Kumar, S., Grover, M., Padaria, J.C., Kala, Y.K., Singh, G.P., Pathak, H., Chinnusamy, V., Rai, A., Praveen, S. and Rai, R.D. 2016. SSH Analysis of Endosperm Transcripts and Characterization of Heat Stress Regulated Expressed Sequence Tags in Bread Wheat. Front. Plant Sciences. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2016.01230
  2. Ranjeet R. Kumar., Suneha Goswami., Mohammed Shamim., Upama Mishra., Monika Jain., Khushboo Singh., Jyoti P. Singh., Kavita Dubey., Shweta Singh., Gyanendra K. Rai., Gyanendra P. Singh., Himanshu Pathak., Viswanathan Chinnusamy and Shelly Praveen. 2017. Biochemical Defence Response: Characterizing the Plasticity of Source and Sink in Spring Wheat under Terminal Heat stress. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.01603.
  3. Ranjeet Ranjan Kumar, Suneha Goswami, Kavita Dubey, Khushboo Singh, Jyoti P. Singh, Ashok Kumar, Gyanendra Kumar    Rai, et al. 2018. RuBisCO Activase- a catalytic chaperon involve in modulating the Rubisco activity and heat stress tolerance in wheat. Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology ISSN: 0971-7811.
  4.  Kumar, R.R., Goswami, S., Gupta, R., Verma, P, Singh, K., Singh, J.P., Kumar, M., Sharma, S.K., Pathak, H. and Rai, R.D. 2015. The Stress of Suicide: Temporal and Spatial Expression of Putative Heat Shock Protein 70 Protect the Cells from Heat Injury in Wheat (Triticum aestivum). Journal of Plant Growth Regulation. 35(1):65-82.
  5. Verma, P., Goswami, S., Sharma, S.K., Kumar, M., Singh, J.P., Dubey, K. Pathak, H. and Rai, R.D. 2015. Identification of novel starch synthase genes using de novo assembly and heat-induced expression and activity in developing wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Indian journal of biochemistry & biophysics. 52:41-52.
  6. J P Singh., R R Kumar., S Goswami., G K Rai., A Sakhare., S Kumar., S D Singh., S Bakshi, S J Jamhulkar., S Sareen., G P Singh., V Chinnusamy and S Praveen. 2019. A putative heat-responsive transcription factor (TaHD97) and its targets in wheat (Triticum aestivum) providing thermotolerance. Indian Journal of Biotechnology 18: 214-223.


  1. Sachidanand Tiwari, Jyoti Prakash Singh, Ansheef Ali and Deepak Kumar Koli. 2019. Dark Dna: A New Concept in Genome Evolution. Biomolecule Reports.
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