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Jyotsana Tilgam

Name:Jyotsana Tilgam
DesignationScientist (Agricultural Biotechnology)
Professional Experience : From 4th January, 2019 onwards
Research Interest: Biotechnological approaches towards developing Biotic and Abiotic stress tolerance in plants, RNAi, Microbial Engineering, Metagenomics, Genome Editing

Contact Details:

Address: ICAR-National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms (NBAIM)

Kushmaur, Mau Nath Bhanjan-275103. Uttar Pradesh. India

Mobile: 8505909660

Tel: 0547-2530244


Significant recognition (Awards/Fellowships/ Technologies transferred/ Patents etc.):

  • DBT Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) (2016)
  • GATE (2016)
  • ICAR- Junior Research Fellowship (ICAR-JRF (PGS)) for Post-Graduation (2014-2016)
  • ICAR-SRF (2016)
  • JOINT CSIR UGC Junior Research Fellowship and NET (2015)
  • ICAR-National Talent Scholarship (NTS) for UG (2010-2014)

Research Experience: 5 years

  • Conducted Research on “Combinatorial silencing of acetylcholine esterase-1 and 20-hydroxyecdysone receptor genes for gram pod borer (Helicoverpa armigera) resistance” associated with Masters Research
  • Participated in International Conference on “Extension-Research interface promoting exportable rice varieties and evolving a sustainable development model” on October, 2015
  • Participated in National Symposium on “Germplasm to Genes: Harnessing Biotechnology for food security and health” on August, 2015

Membership of societies: Nil

Ongoing projects: Nil

Publications (no.):

Research papers: Nil;           Reviews: Nil;                        Books: Nil;

Book Chapters: 01;            Popular articles: 02

Others- Training Manual Chapters: 02

List of Publication:

Priyadarshini, P., Tilgam J., Bharati, A. and Sundaram, R. M., 2019. Biotechnological advances for improved food and nutrition security in India. (Book: Challenges and emerging opportunities in Indian agriculture). ICAR-NAARM, Hyderabad, pp. 51-79, ISBN: 978-81-933781-7-5.

Ashajyothi, M., Kishan, G., Tilgam, J., Paul, S., Balamurugan, A. and Kumar, A. 2019. Seed Health Management (SHM): An overview. In: Indian Farmer, 6(12): 830-834.

Ashajyothi, M., Tilgam, J., and Kishan, G., (2019). Rice seed-borne diseases: An update.  Agrobios, (Article code: 19511)   

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