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Dr. Shobit Thapa

Name:Dr. Shobit Thapa
Designation: Scientist, Agril. Microbiology
Date of Birth: 03rd June 1987
Professional Experience: 1 yr 5 month as SRF
Research Interest: Plant Microbe Interactions, Soil Microbiology

Contact Details:  E-mail:,

Significant recognition (Awards/Fellowships/ Technologies transferred/ Patents etc.):

Awards/medals: –


  1. Merit scholarship in M.Sc.
  2. ICAR-SRF for PhD

Membership of Societies:

  1. Life member of The Association of Microbiologists of India (AMI)

Publications (no.): 11

· Research papers: 8

· Reviews: 1

· Books: –

· Book Chapters: 2

· Popular articles: –

· Others: –

List of publications:

Research Paper

  1. Velmourougane K, Prasanna R, Supriya P, Ramakrishnan B, Thapa Shobit, Saxena AK (2019) Transcriptome profiling provides insights into regulatory factors involved in Trichoderma virideAzotobacter chroococcum biofilm formation. Microbiological Research. 227:126292
  2. Thapa Shobit, Prasanna R, Ramakrishnan B, Sheoran N, Kumar A, Velmourougane K, Kumar A (2018) Interactive effects of Magnaporthe inoculation and nitrogen doses on the plant enzyme machinery and phyllosphere microbiome of resistant and susceptible rice cultivars. Archives of Microbiology 200: 1287–1305
  3. Thapa Shobit, Ranjan K, Ramakrishnan B, Velmourougane K, Prasanna R (2018) Influence of fertilizers and rice cultivation methods on the abundance and diversity of phyllosphere microbiome. Journal of Basic Microbiology 58: 172–186
  4. Thapa Shobit, Prasanna R, Ranjan K, Velmourougane K, Ramakrishnan B (2017) Nutrients and host attributes modulate the abundance and functional traits of phyllosphere microbiome in rice. Microbiological Research 204: 55–64.
  5. Mahawar H, Prasanna R, Simranjit K, Thapa Shobit, Kanchan A, Singh R, Kaushik SC, Singh S, Nain L (2017) Deciphering the mode of interactions of nanoparticles with mung bean (Vigna radiata L.). Israel Journal of Plant Sciences DOI: 10.1080/07929978.2017.1288516
  6. Ranjan K, Priya H, Ramakrishnan B, Prasanna R, Venkatachalam S, Thapa Shobit, Tiwari R, Nain L, Singh R, Shivay YS (2016) Cyanobacterial inoculation modifies the rhizosphere microbiome of rice planted to a tropical alluvial soil. Applied Soil Ecology 108:195-203.
  7. Venkatachalam S, Ranjan K, Prasanna R, Ramakrishnan B, Thapa Shobit, Kanchan A (2016) Diversity and functional traits of culturable microbiome members, including cyanobacteria in the rice phyllosphere. Plant Biology 18: 627-637.
  8. Priya H, Prasanna R, Ramakrishnan B, Bidyarani N, Babu S, Thapa Shobit,  Renuka N (2015) Influence of cyanobacterial inoculation on the culturable microbiome and growth of rice. Microbiological Research 171: 78-89.


  1. Thapa Shobit, Prasanna R (2018) Prospecting the characteristics and significance of the phyllosphere microbiome. Annals of Microbiology 68: 229–245.

Book Chapter

  1. Thapa Shobit, Bharti A, Prasanna R (2017) Algal Biofilms and their Biotechnological significance. In: Algal Green Chemistry: Recent progress in Biotechnology (Volume Editors: RP Rastogi, Datta Madamwar and Ashok Pandey), Biotechnology series (Chief Editor, Prof. Ashok Pandey),Chapter 14, pp. 285-303. Elsevier.
  2. Prasanna R, Venkatachalam S, Sood A, Thapa Shobit, Kanchan A, Ramakrishnan B (2015) Significance of cyanobacteria and their associations with crop plants in agriculture. In: Plant-Microbe Interactions, Ramasamy, K., & Kumar, K. (Eds.).pp. 319-345. New India Publishing Agency, New Delhi, India.
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