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Dr. Pramod Kumar Sahu

Name: Dr. Pramod Kumar Sahu
Designation: Scientist, Agril. Microbiology
Date of Birth: 15th May, 1989
Professional Experience:6 years

Research Interest:

  1. Bacterial endophytes with reference to biotic and abiotic stress management     
  2. Consortium of microorganisms and bioformulation
  3. Biological Control
  4. Plant-Microbe Interaction
  5. Rhizosphere Biology

Contact Details:  E-mail:,

Significant recognition (Awards/Fellowships/ Technologies transferred/ Patents etc.):


  1. University of Agricultural Sciences Gold Medal (M.Sc. Agri.)
  2. Dr. B. P. Pal’S Prize- Gold Medal
  3. Dr. G. Rangaswamy Gold Medal
  4. Willium Rigo Award
  5. Young Scientist in Agricultural Microbiology-2018
  6. Best poster award in 1st International Conference on Biological Control (ICBC 2019)
  7. Best poster award in 71st Annual meeting, Indian Phytopathological Society (IPS) at BHU 2019
  8. Best oral presentation award in 7th international conference of Indian Phytopathological Society (IPS) at New Delhi 2020


  1. Merit scholarship in M.Sc.
  2. DST-INSPIRE fellowship for PhD
  3. ICAR-SRF for PhD

Membership of Societies:

  1. Life member ARSSF
  2. Annual member Indian Phytopathological Society (IPS)

On-going projects:

As PI:

1) ‘Elucidation of endophytic bacteria-mediated mechanisms in biological control of Ralstonia solanacearum and induced systemic resistance in tomato’

2) ‘Cocktail of endophytic and rhizospheric bacteria for alleviation of salinity stress in tomato’

As Co-PI:

1) Unravelling the microbe-mediated mechanisms of plant defense against Rhizoctonia solani causing banded leaf and sheath blight disease in maize(Zea mays L.)

2) Cooperative or competitive colonization of AM fungi and Trichoderma for alleviation of biotic stress in maize

3) Deciphering Transcriptomic & Proteomic Changes in Stress-Challenged-Rice under Microbe-Interaction(s) to Explore Mitigation Strategies using Bioinformatics Approaches

4) Promotion of microbe mediated farm centric approaches to improve soil and plant health and generate livelihood for farmer’s of Mau (UP)

5) Microbial Diversity analysis of extreme/unique ecological niches

Publications (no.): 46

· Research papers: 20

· Reviews: 10

· Books

· Book Chapters: 7

· Popular articles: 3

· Others: 6

List of publications (Best 10 publications):

  1. Sahu, P.K., Singh, D.P., Prabha, R., Meena, K.K. and Abhilash, P.C., 2019. Connecting microbial capabilities with the soil and plant health: Options for agricultural sustainability. Ecological Indicators105, pp.601-612.
  2. Sahu, P.K., Shailendra Singh, Amrita Gupta, Udai B. Singh, G. P. Brahmaprakash, Anil K. Saxena, 2019. Antagonistic potential of bacterial endophytes and induction of systemic resistance against collar rot pathogen Sclerotium rolfsii in tomato. Biol. Control. 173: 104014;
  3. Sahu, P.K. and Brahmaprakash, G.P. (2018). Modified Liquid Dual Culture Methodology for Screening Bacterial Endophytes against Fungal Pathogens. Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences 52(2): 234-240
  4. Singh, U.B., Malviya, D., Singh, S., Kumar, M., Sahu, P.K., Singh, H.V., Kumar, S., Roy, M., Imran, M., Rai, J.P. and Sharma, A.K., 2019. Trichoderma harzianum-and methyl jasmonate-induced resistance to Bipolaris sorokiniana through enhanced phenylpropanoid activities in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Frontiers in microbiology10.
  5. Shailendra Singh, Udai B. Singh, Mala Trivedi, Sahu, P.K., Surinder Paul, Diby Paul, and Anil Kumar Saxena, 2020.Seed Biopriming with Salt-Tolerant Endophytic Pseudomonas geniculata-Modulated Biochemical Responses Provide Ecological Fitness in Maize (Zea mays L.) Grown in Saline Sodic Soil. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2020, 17, 253; doi:10.3390/ijerph17010253
  6. Singh, U.B., Singh, S., Malviya, D., Chaurasia, R., Sahu, P.K., Sharma, S.K. and Saxena, A.K., 2020. Drechslerella dactyloides and Dactylaria brochopaga mediated structural defense in tomato plants pre-challenged with Meloidogyne incognita. Biological Control, p.104202.
  7. Singh UB, Singh S, Khan W, Malviya D, Sahu PK, Chaurasia R, Sharma SK and Saxena AK, 2019, Drechslerella dactyloides and Dactylaria brochopaga mediated induction of defense related mediator molecules in tomato plants pre-challenged with Meloidogyne incognita. Indian Phytopathology pp. 1-12, doi 10.1007/s42360-019-00132-x
  8. Meena KK, Sorty AM, Bitla UM, Choudhary K, Gupta P, Pareek A, Singh DP, Ratna Prabha, Sahu, P.K., Gupta VK, Singh HB, Krishanani KK and Minhas PS, 2017, Abiotic Stress Responses and Microbe-Mediated Mitigation in Plants: The Omics Strategies. Frontiers in Plant Sciences, 8(172): 1-25
  9. Renu, Manish S Bhoyar, Udai B. Singh, Upasana Sahu,   Dipak T Nagrale, Sahu, P.K., 2017, Characterization of lytic bacteriophage Xcc9SH3 infecting Xanthomonas campestris pv. Campestris. Journal of Plant Pathology, 99(1) 233-238
  10. Brahmaprakash, G. P. and Sahu, P.K. 2012, Biofertilizers for Sustainability. Journal of Indian Institute of Sciences, 92:1, pp. 37-62
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