Dr. Kumar M

ScientistProfessional Experience: Three Years, Four months as on 1st May 2017Research Interest: Plant Microbe interaction and Bacterial Diversity

Contact Detailskumarmic84@gmail.comkumar.m@icar.gov.in

Mobile Number: +91-7376552069; +91-9936985714

Significant recognition (Awards/Fellowships/ Technologies transferred/ Patents etc.):

DST-INSPIRE Fellowship for pursuing Ph.D.

ICAR-Senior Research Fellowship for pursuing Ph.D.

IARI-Senior Research Fellowship for pursuing Ph.D.

University of Agricultural Sciences Gold Medal.

Dr.G.Rangaswamy Gold Medal.

Dr. Pal’s Prize

Membership of Societies: Association of Microbiologists of India

On-going projects:

Assessment of Sulfur Oxidizing Bacteria (SOB) for plant growth promotion in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Publications (no.)

· Research papers: 8 · Reviews: 1 · Books: Nil · Book Chapters: 1

· Popular articles: 1 · Others: Nil

List of publications (Best 10 publications) :

1. Kumar M, Yadav AN, Tiwari R, Prasanna R, Saxena AK (2014) Deciphering the diversity of culturablethermotolerant bacteria from Manikaran hot springs.Annals of Microbiology 64:741-751.

2. Kumar M, Yadav AN, Tiwari R, Prasanna R, Saxena AK (2014) Evaluating the diversity of culturablethermotolerant bacteria from four hot springs of India. Journal of Biodiversity Bioprospecting and Development1:127.

3. Kumar M, Prasanna R, Lone S, Padaria JC, Saxena AK (2014) Cloning, sequencing and expression analysis of dnaK from Bacilluspumilus inhabiting hot water springs.Applied and Translational Genomics 3:14-20.

4. Kumar M, Prasanna R, Bidyarani N, Babu S, Mishra BK, Kumar A, Adak A, Jauhari S, Yadav K, Singh R, Saxena AK (2013) Evaluating the plant growth promoting ability of thermotolerant bacteria and cyanobacteria and their interactions with seed spice crops. Scientia Horticulturae164:94-101.

5. Kumar M, Suvarna VC, Radhakrishna D (2011) Utilization of Atrocarpusheterophyllus Lam. (Jack fruit) Seeds as a Substrate for Bio-ethanol Production.Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology 5:421-424.

6. Chakdar H, KumarM, Pandiyan K, Singh A, Nanjappan K, Kashyap PL, Srivastava AK (2016). Bacterial xylanases: biology to biotechnology. 3 Biotech6:1-15.

7. Yadav AN, Verma P, Kumar M, Pal KK, Dey R, Gupta A, Padaria JC, Gujar GT, Kumar S, Suman A, Prasanna R, Saxena AK (2015) Diversity and phylogenetic profiling of niche-specific Bacilli from extreme environments of India. Annals of Microbiology 65:611-629.

8. Yadav AK, Manna S, Pandiyan K, Singh A, Kumar M, Chakdar H, Kashyap PL and Srivastava AK (2016). Isolation and characterization of biosurfactant producing Bacillus sp. from diesel fuel-contaminated site. Microbiology 85:56-62.

9. Saxena, A. K., Yadav, A. N., Rajawat, M. V. S., Kaushik, R., Kumar, R., Kumar, M., and Shukla, L. (2016). Microbial Diversity of Extreme Regions: An Unseen Heritage and Wealth. Indian Journal of Plant Genetic Resources29(3), 246-248.

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